VLS Video Mapping Trophy 2011 & 2012

In 2011 the company VLS announced the launch of the first International VLS Video Mapping Trophy in partnership with the Heavent show and Sonovision. The aim of this competition was to reward the best creations by artists, company and students in the field of 3D video mapping. It provided a fantastic springboard for new talents who want to make a name for themselves.

For two years this was the competition's website.
Content is from the site's 2011 & 2012 archived page.

For over 28 years, VLS teams have been inventing, designing and implementing tailored technological solutions for the most memorable events. VLS is a pioneer in very large scale uncompressed HD projection, and its expertise can be seen at some of the biggest events all over the world.

First EDITION 2011


projection mapping on 3D cubes at Paris
Video Mapping 3D structure at the International Video Mapping competition final show at Heavent Paris October 26, 2011.

In early October, the jury will shortlist the 10 best productions, which will be presented to the public at the Heavent show on 25, 26 and 27 October 2011 at Paris Porte de Versailles. At the evening award ceremony, the winners’ names will be projected onto a three-dimensional surface. The event will be attended by big names from the field of digital creation, regular users of these technologies and the trade press, who will report the event to the media.

The competition rules will be available from Friday 17 June 2011, and entrants will have until 03 October 2011 to send us their videos via the official website:

Organizer VLS: Video Light Sound// Company

For over 28 years the teams VLS invent, design and implement technology solutions to measure the most significant events.

Today VLS continues to push the technical and creative passion, mastery, sense of human values and partnership. It ensures the expertise of an interconnection system in three dimensions (Video, Lighting, Sound), to partially or fully meet your needs.

Pioneers of the projection uncompressed HD and very large, we bring our expertise to the largest in the world. We also continue to serve with passion in our institutional clients in their accompanying draft conventions, conferences, parties or fixed equipment.

The third millennium opens the era of innovative image with very high added value. This new era is also the search for meaning, relationships, creation and sustainable development. Our ambition is to combine the daily solutions and high performance value.

Welcome to the world of all possibilities.


Dolores Sha: I've been interested in electronic / video art since high school when I first found this site. Countries all over the world hold projection mapping or electronic / video art festivals. With the Covid 19 pandemic causing havoc throughout the world, more and more events are taking place online. Although most of people have experienced projection mapping and 3D graphic projections during public events or on public monuments, it has evolved so that multiple applications can be applied in many different contexts: booth display, product launch, music festival, weddings, etc. For awhile I worked at Xite Labs, a world-class projection mapping leader.

Then at the start of 2020 I had to return home to take care of ailing parents and am now in NYC overseeing  the care of my mother who is now in a nursing home in Manhattan and my father who is still at home but rather fragile. It has been a terrifying 9 months, particularly in the early Spring when Covid 19 was totally out of control in NYC. I considered taking my mother out of the nursing home, but realized there was no way I could take care of her plus my father by myself. The aid who was helping take care of my father has returned now that NYC started to open up again and the cases of Covid 19 dropped. It still makes me nervous having someone outside come in to take care of my Dad, but Elma is a very cautious and conscientious person.

As far as work is concerned, I am now building websites for local businesses under the direction of a local seo service NYC company, SEO ZEN NYC. I lucked into the job. Seo Zen NYC is a boutique digital marketing agency whose mission is to help small and midsize companies achieve their online goals, increase traffic, and gain more clients. I also like that one of the partners is a social media expert. In these times I feel fortunate being able to work at home, while taking care of my parents needs. Meanwhile I dream of returning to working in video mapping and look longingly at the Facebook page that lists the International Video Mapping open calls and contests. One day at a time, for now.

An update: I survived 2020 and here we are in 2021 with a new President, my folks as well as me vaccinated, and NYC has opened up. I can't believe it but I hired an experienced reupholstery service after a search for furniture restoration NYC. You would think that since I am an artist I might be able to upholster my own furniture. However, when I considered the work and time involved as well as my own commitments to clients and my parents, there simply wasn't enough hours in the day. I can imagine me starting the reupholstery project and then not being able to finish in a timely fashion. So reality said "Hire professionals." So that is what I did and boy, am I glad I did. I was suddenly inundated with work and there was no way I could have started, let alone finished the furniture, especially the sofa, do over. The experts did a tremendous job. Not only are the sofa and arm chairs finished, but my living room now looks amazing. The new fabrics were just the right finishing touch.

There was a VLS at the Heavent Meetings Paris 2019 exhibition which I attended. Obviously there was no 2020 Heavent Paris show Immersive indoor video mapping Show due to the Covid 19 pandemic and going into 2021, it appears doubtful as well, although according to the www.heavent-meetings.com/en website, the WEYOU GROUP, which is the organizer of 18 trade fairs, has announced that they are doing everything possible to facilitate the holding of its events on the best dates and under the best conditions, both sanitary and business. However, as I read down the home page of their site, it appears they will be waiting till 2022 for their Cannes event, but will be able to hold the Heavent Paris in the autumn. I doubt I will be attending.



Jury 2011

(2011) The jury for the 3D Video Mapping international

// Jean-Michel QUESNE & Hélène RICHARD, co-chairs of the International Competition Jury for 2011:

« Co-chairs of the jury « Jean-Michel QUESNE & Hélène RICHARD – Creators Partners | Skertzò

// Names and portraits of the jury members:

« Serges AUBRY – Creation, Shows and Major Events | SMAART
Serge AUBRY conçoit et met en scène des spectacles universels. Alchimie audiovisuelle et spectacle vivant, son univers féerique s’exporte aux quatre coins du monde, notamment à l’occasion d’événements exceptionnels. www.sergeaubry.comh2
« Daniel CHARPENTIER – Set designer and director of shows
Daniel Charpentier, une signature scénographique forgée de ses multiples expériences : Danseur moderne, chargé de mission au Ministère de la Culture, directeur de festivals, il est aujourd’hui concepteur, scénographe et metteur en scène de grands événements. www.danielcharpentier.comh2
« Christian COURTOIS – Set Designer | Production MVH Production
« Philippe CIEUTAT – Senior Manager | Feel Europe
« Nicolas DUKOWSKI – Director | Double 2
« Romuald GADRAT – President Heavent Expo – Director | Tarsus France
« Marie Jeanne GAUTHE – Art Director image video | Light Motif
Video mapping designer for 25 years. Video mapping to DIOR, Holiday of Lights 2009, 2010 and 2011 Route du Rhum in St Malo, NOAH at the Stade de France, opening of the Atlantis in Dubai, several shows at Disney, Mozart opera rock, and all the concerts of Jean-Michel Jarre 25 years. Marie-Jeanne-Gautheh2
« Benoit LANCIOT – Head of Public Relations and Events | SNCF
« Stéphane LEGENDRE – Project management, AMOA – AMOE
« Stéphane LECCA – General Manager | Publicis Events
« Raymond LOPEZ – Technical Director and Production
« Jérôme PASTEUR – Co-Chairs | DDB Live for People
« Nathanaëlle PICOT – Designer videographer
Conceptrice de décor vidéo et de mapping 3D depuis 15 ans. Réalisation : mapping pour Lexus à st Germain en Laye, projection sur l’hôtel des Invalides pour l’Appel du 18 juin 2010, projections multi écran pour l’anniversaire de l’indépendance du Gabon. www.ozays.comh2
« Simon RANSOM – Technical Director and Owner | theRansoms MFZ LLC & Paris Tokyo DesignWith over 17 years of Middle East experience, theRansoms provides Technical Production consultancy services for many of the large scale projects presented in the region. From the internationally acclaimed opening of the Atlantis, the Palm Jumeirah resort in Dubai (for Kerzner International), the inauguration ceremony of the King Abdhullah University for Science & Technology in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (for Filmmaster MEA) and the fireworks component of the inauguration of the Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai (for Groupe F), theRansoms has been involved in and continues to be involved events of all types and sizes. Based in Dubai, Paris Tokyo Design as a graphic and web design studio works with many blue chip clients and specialises, among other things, in providing design services to French speaking clients and companies in the UAE.paristokyo.aeh2
« Jean-François ZURAWIK – General Coordinator of the holidays lights of Lyon

Finalists 2011

Palmares of the first International video mapping competition

The candidates were likely to enter the contest Mapping International Video. 162 entries from almost 34 countries around the world: Argentina, Canada, Germania, Singapore, England, Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Malta, Colombia, Brazil, United States, Czech Republic, Russia, South Africa, Serbia, Italy, France, Spain, Chile, Vietnam, … Thank you all for your participation in this event.

// Contest Winner’s: Mr. Mathieu MARTIN

« Mr. Mathieu MARTIN Independent | France


The work developed for the “Mapping Trophy Video” trying to put 3D in the foreground. More than a work of light and shadow, it attempts to deconstruct the projection surface and deceive the viewer by the prospect.

// The 09 finalists in 2011:

« Mr. José Sandoval MARTINEZ Artist | Mexico

“Welcome to the machine”

In the beginning but only darkness had been growing machine growing becoming aware of themselves so renewed and reinvented. Getting to perfection was inspired by therir creators.it also began to create a world to which we invite you to immerse.

« Mr. Suleiman ALHADIDI Director Artist, Architect | Australia, Jordan

Mrs. Mani WILLIAMS Partner Artist

Mr. Suleiman ALHADIDI &Mr. Robert JORDAN Soundscape

Mr. Stanislav ROUDAVSKI, Roger ALSOP, Gwyllim JAHNPerformative Architecture Studio 2011, University of Melbourne | Australia


Trigger is a fast-paced video installation. It tells a story about interactive particles which progress from creating to responding to sound. The visual is intentionally ambiguous to allow the viewers to freely form their own narrative.

« Miss Renata DEZSO Artist | Hungary


I have experimented how can I have minimal colour scheme with a lot of movement and motion on simple objects as the cubes. Just like a classic shape of a cube would have a hard time to find the right space of itself. There is two section of the animation, in the first part the cube is moving as a whole shape, and with a white wire creating a psychedelic effect. the second section, when the cubes find out how to be stable, from the static cubes moving out some form, and element. Sounddesign: RenDez.

« Mr. Alain FELIX Artist | France

“Brisures cubiques”

Light, birth, material, color, transformation, fluidity, mechanization, fullness, extravagance, stability, transparency, ruptures, death, Chip cube, is a symbolic work or projecting Alain Félix a metamorphosis of these tables, an efficient handling and textural virtuosity .

« Mr. Vinícius LUZ Artist, Professor, company

Mr. Edgar SALMEN sound designer | Brazil


The virtual spaces and contents are growing, creating a new concept of reality and virtual reality. What eyes can see could be a illusion, but our brains wants to live that experience as real. The space could be more than we can see. In art there is no winner, just experiences. The podium could be not applied to art, but could be a stairs to imagination.

« Mr. Jose SOUSA “aka” Jose Budha (BUDHENS VJ) Artist | Portugal

“Abstract Jamming”

We could breathe and we can dance trough this environment, in this dense atmosphere coated by 3D graphics, strong colors, lights, shapes and music perspectives. Sometimes the balance of the nature or the blue sky into the deep sea, when the plane passed, we stop to feel like a human being to watch something new and beautiful. Based and created with video and graphics footage, with influence clubbing.media since years 90.

« Mr. John TETTENBORN Company | Germany

“Friendly Dragons light the City”

The stage is transformed into a city which is lit by colourful dragons. The dragons are not visible to the eyes directly, only their reflections and illumination can be seen.

« Mr. Fred TRETOUT, Mr. Stefano GEMMELLARO, Mr. Boualamphone SOURIDETH, Mr. Christophe MESSAGER, Mr. Thomas HIRSH Collectif | Canada


In a small suburban neighborhood, the city beats its course, except the little that Marc does not want his cat “Zephyr” eventually cooked by his grandmother Luciferian. His only recourse: cut electricity! Such an act will trigger a flash of anger at the grandmother! She rushed to lock Zephyr and she threw the little Marc in his room. Little Marc knew the attitude of his grandmother, so it was in the habit of digging a tunnel to the ventilation of the house if necessary. Through the maze of vents, he came to the cell of her cat and fled through the power that was in him! It was time to confront his tyrannical grandmother. His words were so powerful and disturbing truth that she felt very small. Seeing this, the cat took advantage of the weak moment of revenge grandmother and her siblings.

« Mr. Kai Von AHLEFELD Artist Collective | France


The shadow of darkness elusive zone formed by the interception of light by a body. As the video mapping, shadow, natural projection, is able to adopt any volume or surface. Shadow is inspired and appropriates the shadow theater by creating shadows in the light and not light. Inspired by traditional theatrical scenery and traditional methods of Chinese shadow play. Shadow tells the story of a young adventurer, Siegfried, opera created in 1876 by R. Wagner. An adventure capturing the volume of the scene.



Specializing in Video, Light and Sound for over 30 years, VLS teams invent, design and implement technological solutions to the extent of the most significant events.


Registration Opens APRIL 01, 2012 >>>> SEPTEMBER 01, 2012

Entries are accepted from individuals or groups.

The prizes are: 1st prize: €5000 for the trophy winner.

The international “VLS Video Mapping Trophy” competition is Organised by VLS – world leader in giant images, sound and lighting for events. It is aimed at all artists, audiovisual, 3D and applied arts students from higher education establishments.

Looking forward to seeing you next year for the 2012 edition

// Thank you for your interest in organizing the first international competition

All the team of the competition VLS TROPHY VIDEO MAPPING thank the jury members, partners, sponsors, candidates and all those who contributed directly or indirectly to the achievement of the contest.


Heavent Paris : the first professional trade show of events, exhibition and conventions – www.heavent-expo.com

Sonovision Brodcast : Sonovision Broadcast is the monthly magazine for professional image and sound – www.sonovision.com

Members of the jury

« Co-chairs of the jury « Jean-Michel QUESNE & Hélène RICHARD – Creators Partners | Skertzò

« Serges AUBRY – Creation, Shows and Major Events | SMAART

« Daniel CHARPENTIER – Set designer and director of shows

« Christian COURTOIS – Set Designer | Production MVH Production

« Philippe CIEUTAT – Senior Manager | Feel Europe

« Nicolas DUKOWSKI – Director | Double 2

« Romuald GADRAT – President Heavent Expo – Director | Tarsus France

« Marie Jeanne GAUTHE – Art Director image video | Light Motif

« Benoit LANCIOT – Head of Public Relations and Events | SNCF

« Stéphane LEGENDRE – Project management, AMOA – AMOE

« Stéphane LECCA – General Manager | Publicis Events

« Raymond LOPEZ – Technical Director and Production

« Jérôme PASTEUR – Co-Chairs | DDB Live for People

« Nathanaëlle PICOT – Designer videographer

« Simon RANSOM – Technical Director and Owner | theRansoms

« Jean-François ZURAWIK – General Coordinator of the holidays lights of Lyon


Christie :Visual solutions for world-class organizations, offering diverse applications for business, entertainment, and industry – www.christiedigital.com.


Looking forward to seeing you next year for the 2012 edition, please accept our sincere thanks.



Are you creative and do you have talent?
Are you an expert in Video Mapping?

// Don’t delay, Come participate – to the second edition in 2012

Take part in the second International Video Mapping competition, which is open to artists, companies and students from all over the world: the “VLS Video Mapping Trophy“.

Entrants are asked to make a HD film to be projected onto a 3D structure during the Heavent Paris exhibition on 27, 28 and 29 November 2012. 10 films will be shown in a continuous loop before an audience of users and a jury of big names in the industry.

// Do you want to meet professionals and create new opportunities for yourself?

In 2011, Heavent Paris attracted over 16,000 visitors and 350 exhibitors from the following sectors:

  • Sound/Lighting/Video/Special effects/Structure
  • Hotels/Local resources/Conference centres
  • Artists/Animations
  • Decoration /Fixtures and fittings/Local hire
  • Welcome/Reception

You have until 1 September 2012 to send us your HD film. So don’t hesitate any longer and register here.


International video mapping competition (2012)

// An unmissable event for 3D video mapping creative professionals:

This competition aims to become the key event in the area of 3D video mapping, and to reward productions evolving in different creative and cultural areas each year. It will also encourage meetings between student artists and professionals by creating a powerful springboard for new talent seeking wider exposure.

This year, the candidates are invited to imagine a scene and create a visual universe using a model which can be downloaded, then to design a high quality HD video lasting 1minute, 30 seconds that can be projected onto a 3D structure which will be tailor-made for the occasion.

The jury will be looking for different aspects of competent artistic expression and original works showing high quality in the areas of creation and technical expertise.

// The prizes are:

  • 1st prize: €5000 for the trophy winner.
  • For the 10 selected finalists: projection of the films before an audience of professionals and regular users, during the 3 days of the Heavent Paris exhibition, on 27, 28 and 29 November 2012 in Paris – Porte de Versailles (France)
  • The films will be publicised on www.vlsvideomappingtrophy.com, in the press and in the specialist media.

// The competition procedure is simple:

  1. - Pre-register free at www.vlsvideomappingtrophy.com.
  2. - Create a HD film lasting 1 minute, 30 seconds following the specifications provided.
  3. - Films being entered for the competition must be received by 1 September at 23:59.
  4. - The jury votes to select the 10 films which will be projected in a continuous loop at the Heavent Paris exhibition 2012.
  5. - Trophy award and jury vote on 28 November 2012, to name the winner of the 2012 competition, who will receive a prize of €5000.

// To take part, there are some conditions:

  • The technical specifications and the sizes for the film are indicated in the entry form.
  • Entrants must pre-register and return their film and entry form to us by 1 September at 23:59.
  • The validation of entries and films are subject to official rules. Entrants must acquaint themselves with these rules and adhere to them to take part.

Entries are accepted from individuals or groups.

To take part in this competition and show us what you can do



Rules for the International VLS Video Mapping Trophy 2012

// Clause 1 – Organiser and objective:

The “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” is organised by:

VLS SAS (hereafter “VLS”) with capital of 300,000 euros, listed in the Trade and Companies register of Versailles under number B 327 283 826 and with registered offices at 680 Avenue Roland Garros, 78530 BUC – France.

The objective of the 2012 “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” is to develop and promote video mapping techniques and to encourage students, artists and business people to come together.

// Clause 2 – The competition 2012 (second edition):

It is free to register to enter the “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” competition; no registration costs will be charged. As “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” is a competition and not a commercial lottery, the costs of participating in the competition cannot be reimbursed.

The “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” rewards the best video mapping creations made using plans whose shape and volume will be made available to the Entrants. The jury are particularly looking for original and narrative works showing quality in creation and technical expertise.

The “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” is an international competition. It is open to all artists, companies, students, freelancers and groups of artists aged 18 or over.

However, employees or staff of the organiser may not enter the competition, nor may members of their families or those living in the same household, and more generally, any person that has been involved with the organisation of the competition. Failure to obey the above rules will lead to that person’s entry being disregarded.

Films submitted by Entrants must be original works, the opening date for entries. Only one project per person or group (in the case of a group of artists) will be accepted. For group projects, the Entrants must indicate the name of the main contact person.

The “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” competition is open from 1 April 2012 at 00:01 (French time), to 1 September 2012 at 23:59 (French time).

// Clause 3 – Documents required to enter the competition:

Pre-registration form:
_Pre-registration is requested on the competition website www.vlsvideomappingtrophy.com. The entry form will be e-mailed to the Entrant in 5 working days. Incomplete or incorrect entry forms will be disregarded.
_An individual FTP login and password will be e-mailed to the Entrant.

Entry forms: >> must be sent by post
_The completed and signed entry form must be sent before 1 September 2012 at 23:29,
_The Entrant will receive confirmation by email that their entry has been received.

Mailing Address: WAYGO
12, rue Vallence père ruby,
Le jardin d’Hestia – Bâtiment B
13008 Marseille – France


Video >> send by FTP
_The compressed video (two (left and right) MPEG2 files) must be sent via the FTP before 1 September 2012 at 23:59.

_The HD video (Two suites uncompressed TGA images (25 fps)) must be sent via the FTP ONLY FOR 10 FINALISTS.

// Clause 4 – Validation of entries:

To be valid, entries must include the following:
_A completed and signed entry form

_ Two suites uncompressed TGA images (25 fps). Resolution: 1920 X 1080 double file, left and right file. Length of sequence: 1 minute 30 seconds.

_ Stereo music 1 minute 30 seconds, 16 Bit Sound Wave 48K.

_ For the 3D simulation (selection of nominees on the web): two (left and right) MPEG2 files
_The name of the work and a brief description
_A brief biography of the Entrant(s)
_An image rights waiver form
_2 images of the project in 300 dpi, 800 pixels wide

Note: you can design your own soundtrack or use the one provided by the organization.

VLS reserves the right not to accept creations which go against the morality of the event, particularly any project of a pornographic or racist nature or which place childhood in jeopardy.

// Clause 5 – Selection of the 10 finalists (2012):

A jury will select the finalists and the winner. The jury will gather at two stages:

In September 2012: the jury will make an initial selection of 10 videos from among the entries. The jury will comprise professionals, as well as any other partners which may be involved due to their expertise. The 10 selected videos will be presented to the public and projected in a continuous loop on a 3D surface located in a dedicated competition area during the three days of the Heavent exhibition, on 27, 28 and 29 November 2012 in Paris – Porte de Versailles – France.

The selected will be notified by e-mail and will be asked to contact the organiser.

The final composition of the jury will be announced on the website sometime in October 2012.

// Clause 6 – Prize to the winner:

1st Price : 1 check of 5000 Euro Tax included

If the recipient (award winner) is not present during the price distribution, the organizer commits itself to send the prize at its own expense. The check of 5000 Euros (all tax included) will be sent, no later than January 10th 2013, to the address given by the winner in the submission form. The date of the French postal stamp is the official reference date.

The organizing committee will not be held responsible for any delay and/or loss caused by the postal service. This includes total or partial destruction even if accidental.

The check is specified to a name and cannot be attributed to anyone else.

// Clause 7 – Award of the trophy:

The trophy award gala evening: 28 November 2012 in Paris – Porte de Versailles – France, the jury will select the winner from among the 10 nominees and will award a trophy and a 5000 euros (price consists of a sum of 5.000 €) prize to the winner.

The jury’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

// Clause 8 – Duties of the Entrants:

Circulation of information: By registering, Entrants give the organisers permission to make public, for the purposes of the “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” any information on their entries, to circulate the videos and facilitate communication regarding their projects. The organisers may ask for additional documents for which permission to circulate them will also be requested.

Truthfulness of the information: Entrants agree to only include in their Entry forms truthful and correct information and not to omit any information which would be likely to affect the jury’s decision. The jury reserves the right to check the information provided by the Entrants.

Acceptance of the rules: Entering the “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” competition entails unreserved acceptance of these rules.

// Clause 9 – Transfer of rights:

Entrants grant, free of charge, to the Organising Company the rights to use and reproduce the videos for the competition, as well as any documents containing it on any media, without limitation of duration. This provision also covers the public display (video projection) of the projects, at the Heavent exhibition, which takes place on 27, 28 and 29 November 2012 in Paris – Porte de Versailles – France. VLS reserves the right to continue communications relating to the competition after it has finished.

Examples: organisation of interviews, marketing operations, public conferences, communications with journalists). Comments, images, or information can be exploited using any procedures known or unknown at this time and in the following guises:
• Internet/Intranet.
• Publication.
• Press.
• All Multimedia tools.
• All promotional tools.

This permission shall also give the Organising Company the option to change, add or remove the comments, images and information as it sees fit, provided that the essential content is not altered.

Each Entrant declares that:
_They own the patrimonial rights over the project
_Have the permission of the persons identified on the photo(s) presented. Image rights apply from the time the person represented can be identified
_That their work does not infringe the rights of third parties and is not likely to give rise to legal proceedings for counterfeit, infringement of image rights, privacy rights or for any other reason.

// Clause 10 – Intellectual property:

VLS owns all intellectual property rights concerning the “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY“. Entering the competition does not confer upon the Entrant or their contacts any prerogative over these intellectual property rights. Therefore, they are formally prohibited from changing or adapting on any media whatsoever, by any means whatsoever, or exploiting in any way whatsoever, all or some of the components relating to the competition without the prior written permission of VLS.

// Clause 11 – Computing and freedoms law:

Personal data on the Entrants which is collected by VLS as processing manager or by a trustworthy third party, as a result of the “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY“, will be used to organise the competition, produce statistics and for communications purposes. The data requested on the pre-registration form or the entry form must be provided. Failure to include the data will only result in the entry being disregarded.

By completing the forms and the related entry form for this competition, Entrants agree, subject to the assertion of their right of opposition under the conditions defined hereafter by French law, that their contact details and any updates made to them may be disclosed to sub-contractors and partners (technical and/or commercial) of VLS.

Entrants may, in accordance with the law (French Data Protection Act, No. 78-17 of 6th January 1978, as amended), access their information, have it corrected, removed or oppose it being disclosed to third parties or it being used for commercial purposes at any time by writing to contact@vlsvideomappingtrophy.com.
_by postal mail to:

Mailing Address: WAYGO
12, rue Vallence père ruby,
Le jardin d’Hestia – Bâtiment B
13008 Marseille – France

// Clause 12 – Viewing the rules:

The full rules for the “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY” can be downloaded and printed directly by the entrant from www.vlsvideomappingtrophy.com.

The rules are filed at the offices of Maître SELARL Petey – Guerin – Bourgeac, Huissiers de justice associés, 221 rue du faubourg Saint Honoré 75008 Paris.

VLS reserves the option to make modifications to the Rules at any time, without prior warning and without being obliged to give a reason for its decision and without its liability being engaged as a result.

// Clause 13 – Cancellation:

VLS reserves the right to cancel the “VLS VIDEO MAPPING TROPHY“. If this happens, the Entrants will be informed as soon as possible. If the competition is cancelled, VLS cannot be held liable in any way and the Entrants shall not be entitled to compensation of any kind.

// Clause 14 – Applicable law:

These rules are subject exclusively to French law.
In the event of a persistent disagreement on the application and/or interpretation of these rules, and if an amicable agreement cannot be reached, any disputes shall be referred to the competent courts of VERSAILLES (france).